If you’re looking for a full-stack developer to work on your project then I might just be your guy. I work with multiple languages and frameworks, take a look at my About Me page for more information. If I’m not suitable or available I may be able to pass you onto someone who is.


  • I offer my services through my company The Web Loft Ltd
  • Minimum of 1 month
  • I don’t work on fixed-cost projects. I can give a very good estimate and lay out project milestones but fixed-cost rarely works
  • Recruitment Agents: I am NOT looking for permanent work

C# Development

I have experience in developing ASP.NET MVC + WebAPI applications both internal and public, WCF services on the backend, scraping data, mining data, calculating statistics and much more. I also have used Entity Framework, Ninject, Castle Windsor, TDD, BDD etc. Also RavenDB.

AngularJS and ReactJS

I have over 1.5 year’s experience working on large scale AngularJS applications. I can hit the ground running whether it’s a greenfield project or helping fixing up a project that’s already begun.

I am also actively working with ReactJS in my spare time and hoping to pick up projects as it looks very interesting.

What else can you do?

I don’t just sit in a dark corner coding all day. I can help with translating ideas into a specification, advise on features and generally give my opinion on your project. Through my working career I have worked directly with the product manager, CTO and MD. I have at times managed projects on a high level including using other freelancers for design aspects. I enjoy working in agile teams as much as working alone.

Great! What next?

Please contact me with a brief overview of your project. I have a nice office in my flat that I work from, but I’m not a recluse so we can negotiate on the days I come in if that’s a requirement. I would prefer you to be in Central London though as that’s where I’m located.